5 Baked Goods to Buy at a Canto Bakery

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5 Baked Goods You Must Buy At a Cantonese Bakery

1. Pineapple bun (菠蘿包 bo lo bau)

Pineapple bun

Image via Lady and Pups

Nope, there's not pineapple in this bun. It's just a sweet bun topped with an even sweeter, streusel like crust. Typically eaten at breakfast or as a snack, there is absolutely no nutritional value. It’s just fat, carbs, and sugar. If you're feeling extra, add a stab of butter in the middle.

2. Cocktail bun (雞尾包 gai mei bau)

Cocktail bun

Image via Sift & Simmer

It's literal translation “chicken tail bun" and it has neither poultry or any alcohol! Instead, it’s a sweet, soft bun filled with shredded coconut. How misleading! It's one of my faves and sometimes I like to eat the filling first, then the bread, because I don't know how to save the best for last. 

3. Egg tart (蛋撻 dan tat)

Egg tart

Image via Omnivore's Cookbook

Are you team flaky crust or cookie crust? Only Cantonese egg tarts will give you this culinary dilemma. The cookie crust tarts have a crumbly biscuit base and was (is still?) a favourite of former HK governor Chris Patten or affectionately known as Fei Pang (Fatty Pang - I know, I know). The flaky crust version has a puff pastry base and the laminated flakes will leave you in a dusty mess (but, oh it’s worth it!).

4. Paper-wrapped cake (紙包蛋糕 ji bau dan gou)

Paper wrapped cake

Image via Playing with Flour

It's super simple, but so delicious. It's a classic chiffon cake, wrapped (and baked) in (parchment) paper. It’s got alight, soft, pillowy texture, and it tastes slightly sweet and eggy. It’s the perfect treat for any time of the day although it’s also a staple for breakfast or teatime. 

5. Sausage bun (腸仔包 coeng zai bau)

Sausage bun

Image via The Woks of Life

A big version of pigs in a blanket? Yes please. But replace pastry with a sweet, fluffy bread. It's nothing fancy but it hits the spot for a quick breakfast or light snack. My only qualm is sometimes the bread to sausage ratio is off and there's too much bread (yes, that can be a problem sometimes!). 

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