Holiday Specials: Festive Cards

In the past, I've always made Christmas cards or postcards for friends and family. First they were hand drawn, then I started printing them. They weren't extraordinarily artistic and had that crafty feel. I think people still liked receiving them in the post though! 

This year I got my act together - hooray for less procrastination! - and made two festive cards for you:

Ho Ho Ho Santa Claus Greeting Card

Santa's not flying this year, instead Rudolph is driving him around town in Hong Kong's iconic red taxi. Santa's also upgrading his basic, black sack to red, white, blue reusable bags to carry your gifts. This Christmas, Santa's doing it Canto-style. 

Get your Ho Ho Ho Card here.

Vitasoy Holiday Postcard

Winter time means that your local 7/11 is selling warm glass bottles of Vitasoy. Be a friend and send a drawing of the drink to those who can't fly over for a sip. I think that we can all agree that postcards make for great snail mail!

Get your Vitasoy Postcard here.

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