New Drop: Laugh Die Me Collection

Super excited to announce our first accessories drop! This collection is dedicated to the iconic and hilarious af Cantonese phrase: Laugh Die Me or 笑死我 siu3 sei2 ngo5. Laugh Die Me is used to describe something so funny that you just die. Yup, us Cantonese are just that extra. 

It's my first foray into clothing accessories, so it's super limited in quantity and to be honest, the quality is fine, but it's not what I would really want, but I also got to chalk this up to the growing pains of a small business with a limited budget. Test and trial is very much our current phase.

You can now get this set of 1 dad hat + 1 tote bag as pre-order here.

Below are some images of the set and me with my doggo sporting the cap.


sausage dog with asian woman with blonde hair in black baseball cap with the words laugh die me on hat


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