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sketchykarr was born out of Covid lockdown boredom, but very much a passion project that's been long in the making. We're inspired by childhood memories of growing up Asian in and out of Asia, specially Hong Kong. Cantonese culture is important to us, and we hope to share it in a cute, cheeky, and creative way. 


5 Things I Love About Being Canto(nese)

1. Food

Image via CNN Travel

Seriously, it's too good. And there's a dish that suits every mood and situation. It's too hard to pick a favourite and why should you even? The more the merrier.


2. That "Have you eaten yet?" is equivalent to "Hello"


Image via Pinterest

We greet friends by asking if they've literally eaten rice yet. 食咗飯未呀 (pronounced sik zo fan mei ah) is how we say hello and how are you.


3. Colourful curse words


Some reason Cantonese swear words are just more vulgar than their English counterparts. In fact, some of those curses don't even have equivalent counterparts in English! That's how creative they are.

More Canto curses here and here


4. Proud of our cultural icons


McDull Statue in Hong Kong

Image via Hong Kong Tourism

Bruce Lee to Chow Yun-Fat. Maggie Cheung to Anita Mu. McDull to Old Master Q. Damn we've got cool people!


5. The sense of community wherever you go


Though we may not all live in Hong Kong - the Diaspora of Hong Kongers is massive -, there's always a community centre or someone who can speak Cantonese nearby.

Image via asia.ubc.ca

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