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We're going to market! 📅 🐶

sketchykarr at Shotengai x Lower Stable Street Market UPDATED 07/06/22: New markets added! Last December, we did our very first market at Reading (thanks to Little Eggs Craft!) and now we're gearing up for more this Spring/Summer season. Honestly, having a stall at a market was far from our original goals; we didn't even expect to participate in one and now we've somehow signed up for at least five till the end of 2022! We're no veterans by any means, and the imposter syndrome creeps up massively the days leading up and during the market, because we're just noobs in a...

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ESEA Year of the Tiger Market 2022

As part of Lunar New Year 2022, I've joined up with Little Egg Crafts to put together a virtual market featuring ESEA-owned creators and small shops! The aim of this project is to: Create a space for community during Lunar New Year Bring together ESEA folk internationally Support ESEA creators and ESEA-owned small shops! How it works: The virtual market will take place on Instagram Dates: Saturday 22 to Sunday 23 January We will promote the market on our channels. Check out stallholders and share some ESEA joy!  See the stallholders participating here. Be sure to check for updates on my Instagram here. Exciting times!

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Lunar New Year 2022

cantonese culture

It's the Year of the Tiger! I love Lunar New Year - it just feels so wholesome and celebratory. And if you decided to make New Year's resolutions at the start of January, you can always fail and restart when the Lunar New Year rolls around hehe. Here are some cute presents you can purchase, events, and other resources. The list is primarily UK-based as we are, so sorry if we forget to mention you! 1. Lai see or red packets   Nico Nico Tiger Lai See cafedeyume hu&mee Chunky Paper Dorveille 2. Greeting cards sketchykarr Bowl Cut Paper Goods Raychoo...

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7 Dim Sum Favourites at Yum Cha


Yum cha 飲茶 is like the equivalent of brunch for Cantonese. Or maybe tapas. It's when you eat all the small plates of dim sum 點心 and drink tea to wash it all down. Everyone has their go-to yum cha restaurant and the quality of their dim sum is always a hot topic. Here are seven dim sum dishes you must order next time you go yum cha.

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Holiday Specials: Festive Cards

In the past, I've always made Christmas cards or postcards for friends and family. First they were hand drawn, then I started printing them. They weren't extraordinarily artistic and had that crafty feel. I think people still liked receiving them in the post though!  This year I got my act together - hooray for less procrastination! - and made two festive cards for you: Ho Ho Ho Santa Claus Greeting Card  Santa's not flying this year, instead Rudolph is driving him around town in Hong Kong's iconic red taxi. Santa's also upgrading his basic, black sack to red, white, blue reusable...

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