Got questions? Let me answer them for you. 
Do you do commissioned work?
Yes! I do custom prints and would love to bring your ideas to life. Email me what you have in mind at hello@sketchykarr.com.
If I want a commissioned work, can you send me the digital file to print myself?
No, I will provide a physical print as the finished product.
I saw a doodle on your Instagram - can I buy it as a print?
Yes! Most of my artwork can be a print and I'm happy to discuss this process over email.
Can I print your art myself?
No! If you like something and want it printed, please ask me.
How can I stock your products in my store?
Thanks for thinking of including us! Just send an email to further discuss.
Why don't you include paper invoices in the order?
We're trying to cut down on unnecessary paper waste, so I only email digital invoices.
How long will my order take to be delivered?
Check out our shipping section here.
Do you provide refunds or returns?
We really hope you enjoy your products, but if there's a faulty or damaged item, please let us know by email. Details here.