Postcard - Cantonese Bakery

Postcard - Cantonese Bakery

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😋 Cantonese bakery postcard features all the classic breads and buns: 

  • Sausage bun 腸仔包
  • Cream bun 椰絲奶油包
  • Ham and egg bun 腿蛋包
  • Chicken pie 雞批
  • Paper wrapped cake 紙包蛋糕
  • Mexico bun 墨西哥包
  • Napoleon cake  拿破崙 
  • Butterfly cookie  蝴蝶酥 
  • Wife cake  老婆餅 

You can either hang the postcard as an art print or mail to a friend. Just don't try to eat it. We know, looking at it makes you hungry 😂.

Postcard is A6 size.